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10 Things to do in Luxembourg: 22 to 29 January

Lata Gouviea’s latest album, Stay The Same, is now available to download from numerous digital platforms.  Ludgivine Unfer

Lata Gouviea’s latest album, Stay The Same, is now available to download from numerous digital platforms.  Ludgivine Unfer

From new music to a collage workshop and a slew of finance industry conferences, Delano has lined up ten things to do in Luxembourg over the coming week.

1. Get Lata’s new groove

Category: Music  🗓️  Saturday 22 January 📍 Online

Singer-songwriter Lata Gouveia released his third studio album with his current band, Stay The Same, on Friday 21 January.  But Lata’s well-rooted love of American rock and blues is unmistakable. More details

2. Hear Schumacher and Schmit

Category: Music and literature 🗓️  Saturday 22 January 📍 Théâtre National

Percussionist Pascal Schumacher performs hypnotic music from his SOL album while author Elise Schmit reads new and unknown texts. More details

3. Watch school leaks drama

Category: Theatre 🗓️  Saturday 22, Tuesday 25-Thursday 27 & Saturday 29 January 📍 Mierscher Kulturhaus

Actor and writer Larisa Faber’s latest work was inspired by the school leaks scandal that rocked Luxembourg in 2015. The show stars local actor-singer Sascha Ley and British actor Andrea Hall. More details

4. Go to 10x6 on 2030 financial centre

Category: Lectures 🗓️  Tuesday 25 January 📍 Athénée de Luxembourg

The Paperjam + Delano Club’s next 10x6 event sees 10 experts talk about what the Luxembourg financial centre may look like in 2030. The event is in English and French with simultaneous translation available. More details.

5. Watch Japanese drama

Category: Cinema 🗓️  Wednesday 26 January 📍 Ciné Utopia

The Japanese Embassy to Luxembourg is hosting a free screening of Takeshi Fukunaga Ainu Mosir. The film depicts the current reality of the Ainu people--a minority ethnic group in Hokkaido, Japan--through the eyes of a boy of Ainu origin. More details.

6. Hear car talk

Category: Lectures 🗓️  Wednesday 26 January 📍 The Car’Tell

Paperjam + Delano Club’s Nathalie Reuter together with Quest Market Intelligence’s Carlo Kissen and the House of Automobile’s Gerry Wagner talk about the future of cars and discuss the results of a survey on the automotive market conducted last year.  More details.

7.  Join finance fireside chat

Category: Conference 🗓️  Wednesday 26 January 📍 online

Industry promotion agency Luxembourg for Finance hosts a digital event on digital capital raising. Guests include representatives from Deutsche Bank, Stokr, BNY Mellon, Fabric Ventures, Bitstamp and Luxembourg’s financial regulator CSSF. More details.

8.  Log in to Alfi talk

Category: Conference 🗓️  Thursday 27 January 📍 online

The Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry holds a technical session on “the key changes that have affected the Key Investor Document (KID) under the Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products (PRIIPs) Regulation since the last revision of regulatory technical standards.” More details.

9.  Take collage workshop

Category: Workshop 🗓️  Saturday 29 January 📍 Villa Vauban

Guest artist Diane Jodes leads a 3-hour workshop on the art of collage, which she says “follows a particular logic of coincidence and fate, it is an absurd task, like assembling a puzzle without matching pieces.” More details.

10. Book King’s Singers show

Category: Music  🗓️  Saturday 29 January 📍 Église Décanale Diekirch

The renowned King’s Singers from the UK come to Diekirch for a show featuring their Songbirds programme as part of the A Cape’lla festival. The Songbirds programme features music written about birds spanning the last 500 years. More details.