The police continues its recruitment plan.  Police Lëtzebuerg

The police continues its recruitment plan.  Police Lëtzebuerg

The grand ducal police on 18 October launched the third recruitment drive of its multiyear hiring plan, making positions available for 200 recruits, at a time where police staff reports it is overwhelmed.

In November 2020, interior security minister (déi Gréng) presented a €45m plan to strengthen the ranks of Luxembourg’s police forces. During the first wave, 800 people applied, a motivation that slightly waned in 2021, where answered the call.  

Enrolment will take place from 24 October to 7 November for the B1 group (people who have a general or professional high school diploma) and from 10 November to 24 November for people who have completed five years of secondary education and fall under the C1 category.

The latest numbers indicate that more than 3,000 police agents and civil servants are employed by Luxembourg’s police. The three-year plan is to hire 600 new police officers by 2023, though, the plan could be extended beyond this point.

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“I am delighted with this positive development and with the career prospects offered by this recruitment, the likes of which Luxembourg has never seen, especially as a fourth wave of recruitment has already been agreed by the government,” announced Kox in a statement on 18 October.

This drive coincides with a general meeting of the police union SNPGL, which earlier in the day shared that Luxembourg police officers were at their limit and overwhelmed by stress and overwork. “The only ones that break down over time are our police officers on the field. Those who can't handle it anymore, get sick and get disgusted with police work,” the union told RTL.

To pass the exam, candidates have to take written exams, pass a psychological test, a sports exam and hold a Luxembourg passport. Potential agents all have to undergo an interview in Luxembourgish.