Giulia Bruni Roccia is a senior manager within the Sustainability team at Deloitte Luxembourg’s Risk Advisory practice Deloitte Luxembourg

Giulia Bruni Roccia is a senior manager within the Sustainability team at Deloitte Luxembourg’s Risk Advisory practice Deloitte Luxembourg

Having participated in COP27 this year and as a senior manager within the sustainability team at Deloitte Luxembourg’s risk advisory practice, Giulia Bruni Roccia shares the three sustainability efforts she sees as necessary heading into 2023.

How do I see sustainability efforts going into 2023? Sustainability is about Earth coexisting with human civilization so it satisfies today’s needs without negatively impacting future generations. Thus, it includes people, planet and purpose as key principles that underpin its development, along with the already (over) emphasised profit. And if we’re to live by those four principles, then we need long-termism; it can’t stop at the next year, semester or quarter.

Here are three main efforts I see for 2023:


I like to think that we hear from less climate change deniers than we used to; but it could be I’m stuck in a social media algorithm that makes me believe so. Regardless, we need more education about sustainability. While we may believe it’s becoming part of current language, we shouldn’t take it for granted. If we do, the risk is  a divided society where sustainability is a concern of the few rather than a driver for all.

This is an issue for social integration - with consequences on political outcomes and the financial world--where sustainable investments are not matched with demand due to lack of understanding. Achieving sustainability requires the efforts of not only the few. So we need more structured and formal education at all levels of management in all organisations--schools, universities, the workplace and at all levels including management – supported with time and material.

Catalysts and platforms

 In Luxembourg, we hear countless stories of entrepreneurs, companies and individuals sharing new ideas to contribute to sustainability. While a great start, we need so much more. We need to make it easier to participate in sustainability initiatives, and to create and innovate. National platforms that catalyse action and connect the dots between ideas and people are crucial.

Companies today might retreat to their trenches as a defense mode from energy and related crises, but we can’t withdraw. A wave of new talent will come next year, some of whom finished their studies during the pandemic. Let’s give them the chance to grow into strong professionals, while also giving the opportunity to contribute to sustainability causes. We need fresh ideas and energy, and they want to help. Their future rests on it. Let’s seize the moment to harness their energy and push forward.

Awareness via easy transparency

 Imagine we did have country-wide education and organised action. If we don’t know that we’re on the right track, we can’t adjust or further invest. Readily available, easy-to-understand, reliable data that can help consumers, employers, providers and citizens to make the right choice is crucial. But if we only consider data collection from a regulatory standpoint or because it’s trending, we can miss out on the big picture: the “long-termism” and the three new “Ps” I mentioned before. Our future generations need a planet – it’s as simple as that. The moment we forget this north star, we won’t have the drive we need to achieve the or avert the climate catastrophes that await us.

That north star is easy to find in our children’s eyes. They’re our everyday reminder. We know where we need to go, so let’s dust off our compasses and just start running.

Giulia Bruni Roccia is a senior manager within the Sustainability team at Deloitte Luxembourg’s Risk Advisory practice. At work and outside of work, she loves to ‘connect the dots’: between needs and solutions, between people, and across topics and domains. A firm believer of the ecosystem / multi-stake   holder approach, no major crisis can be solved or innovation be identified within isolated silos. She is an Alumni of the , member of the Board, member of the Advisory Board and member of the Bureau des Finances within the . She recently participated in COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh as one of Deloitte’s representatives.