Alexandre Kieffer, vice-president; Tom Oberweis, president; Paul Nathan, vice-president; and Tom Wirion, director. (Photo: Chamber of Crafts and Trades)

Alexandre Kieffer, vice-president; Tom Oberweis, president; Paul Nathan, vice-president; and Tom Wirion, director. (Photo: Chamber of Crafts and Trades)

Tom Oberweis has retained the presidency of the Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts for another five years. Paul Nathan was re-elected vice-president alongside Alexandre Kieffer, who replaces Nico Biever. The chamber is also getting a new logo.

Members of the Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts met on Monday 13 June in a constituent assembly to elect a new committee. There were no major changes at the head of the committee: , director of the Oberweis bakeries, remains president for a "second and final term".

He will continue to be supported by Paul Nathan of Poeckes, but Nico Biever has decided to take some time off after decades of service to the chamber. He leaves his place as vice-president to Alexandre Kieffer from Gabbana.

The representatives of the six trade groups making up the plenary assembly were also elected. Luc Meyer remains the spokesman for the food group. Fränz Dostert remains spokesman for the mechanical engineering group, Georges Reckinger for the construction group and Pol Koppes for the technical equipment group. Alexa Ballmann replaces Sabrina Guedes in the fashion, health, hygiene group and Sébastien Steffe takes over the communication, multimedia, art and other activities group, previously represented by Mike Graas.

New logo

Tom Oberweis wants to place his new mandate under the slogan “make, shape, create”. As the chamber explains, “make” stands for the promotion and support of entrepreneurship, “shape” for the creation of a favourable framework for the development and innovation of the craft industry and “create" for the creation of vocations by offering people wishing to make a career in the craft industry effective vocational training. Innovation, sustainable development and digitalisation were also mentioned by the re-elected president.

“This new visual identity reflects the values defended by the Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts, namely reliability, creativity, integrity and professionalism,” the organisation explains in a press release.

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