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New builds in Cloche d’Or and elsewhere

Flavio Becca in front of the model of the Skyview Trilogy residential towers presented at the Move fair in the Cloche d’Or shopping centre. Photo: Maison Moderne

Flavio Becca in front of the model of the Skyview Trilogy residential towers presented at the Move fair in the Cloche d’Or shopping centre. Photo: Maison Moderne

The Move real estate fair held in the Cloche d’Or shopping centre saw developers including Flavio Becca present new building  projects for the district.

At the fair, you can see the model of the Cloche d’Or district whose first structures were built in 2012, but also those of new projects to come. Included are three future residential towers, the Skyview Trilogy, which will be built along Raiffeisen Boulevard, opposite Deloitte and Alter Domus. Their architecture, 18 storeys high, will be designed by Schemel Wirtz Architectes Associés, which has developed a mixed programme, with shops on the ground floor and flats on the upper floors. A wellness and fitness area is also planned. Ten percent of the space will be reserved for low-cost housing.

“After the success of the sale of the flats in the Zenith towers, which have all been sold, and some of which are already on the market, we did not hesitate to embark on this new project of residential towers,” said Flavio BeccaFlavio Becca, the developer behind this new district. The towers are scheduled to go on sale in the first quarter of 2022, with construction scheduled to start in the last half of 2022.

Two new office buildings

Alongside this large-scale project, which will give the boulevard a new face, two office buildings, each with a surface area of 7,000m2, are also in the planning stages. The “White House” will be designed by François Valentiny, while the other, “Emerald”, by Andrew Phillips. “These two buildings are being built at risk, but we already have a buyer for one of them,” says Becca.

At the same time, the site continues to be built and developed, with public spaces included where events and festivities can take place. “This summer, we organised Cloche d’Or Beach, which found its audience,” says Michel Knepper, director of Grossfeld PAP. “We are also planning to continue this trend this winter with a small Christmas market and an after-ski chalet during the winter. A little further on, in the new block that is currently being delivered, we will have a new public square that could host a regular market. We are thinking very actively about this option.”

Other Promobe projects

Other real estate projects by Promobe are also under development in Bertrange, Strassen and Dudelange. In Bertrange, 30,000m2 of housing is planned behind the Ponts & Chaussées for single-family houses in strips, four-front houses and three mixed residences.

In Strassen, 2.5 hectares are being developed for 20,000m2 of housing in the form of terraced houses, flats and a senior citizen residence.

Finally, in Dudelange, approximately 150 units are being built, including both single-family houses and residences.

A tripartite meeting to solve the housing crisis

As for the housing crisis, it is still a big problem. But Becca seems to have a very precise idea on the question: “When we have crises in the steel industry or in other areas, we organise tripartite meetings. Why not do the same for housing, by bringing the state, the municipalities and the developers to the table?”

“I can assure you that, contrary to what some people say, it is not the developers who are holding back. I can cite several projects that are authorised, cleared of all appeals, but for which we cannot build because we lack the execution agreement with the state or the commune. This is the case, for example, of a project that we call internally ‘rue verte’, in Cessange, and the Arquebusiers project in Belair.”

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