Remote working

Two new satellite offices for PwC

PwC's main office, the Crystal Park, in the Cloche d'Or district.  (Photo: Maison Moderne)

PwC's main office, the Crystal Park, in the Cloche d'Or district.  (Photo: Maison Moderne)

By the end of 2022, PwC will increase its number of satellite offices from five to seven. 

The professional services network will open new branches in Pétange and Dudelange with a total capacity of 320 places. This will allow more than 10% of the staff to work remotely from the main site of the Cloche d'Or.

At the beginning of the year, PwC Luxembourg opened a new satellite office in the thermal centre of Mondorf. This is the fifth such office for the firm after the one in Wemperhardt launched in in 2019 and reserved mainly for employees living in the Liège region, followed by the one in Oberpallen, and the branches in Esch-Belval on the French border and Biwer-Wecker on the German side. But in a few months, the number will be increased to seven.

“We are currently working on setting up an office in Pétange. And another in Dudelange,” explains Dominique Laurent, Director and Head of Department Logistics at PwC “They will open in the second half of 2022,” adds Anne-Sophie Preud'homme, operations leader at PwC Luxembourg.

This will bring the capacity of the various satellite offices to around 320 places, i.e. just over 10% of the company's Luxembourg workforce of more than 3,000 employees. This will certainly allow each border worker to spend an average of one day per week in these satellite offices.

A new charter in line with this strategy

The lease on the Howald premises (more than 5,700m2), PwC's second office in the capital, was not renewed. “The aim was rather to develop these border offices,” the company explains. One can therefore assume that others will follow in the future, or that the current satellites might expand.

This strategy necessarily fits in with the new charter launched at the beginning of the year within the company. This provides for “a minimum of one day a week of presence at the Cloche d'Or central office. Our employees can organise the rest of their week between our central office, these satellite offices and their homes. At the same time, they are required to manage their own tax and social security issues,” says Preud'homme. She added that this new charter will remain applicable outside the covid period.

Offices will evolve towards a more hybrid formula

Although PwC had already begun its transformation before covid, the pandemic and the teleworking it has brought about within the company have inevitably influenced the group’s way of working and its prospects.

The main building at the Cloche d'Or district is also scheduled to “evolve in order to take into account a much more hybrid mode of operation,” explains Laurent. “Whereas we used to have mainly meetings, we now operate more by call. This creates another need in terms of the working environment. Bringing all our buildings into line with this new way of working is our next major logistical task.”

This story was first published in French on Paperjam. It has been translated and edited for Delano.