Kid at departure gate. Photo: Shutterstock

Kid at departure gate. Photo: Shutterstock

Luxair and ULAV (Union Luxembourgeoise des Agences de Voyages) are appealing to the Luxembourg authorities to work towards a homogenisation of travel rules and increase the age requirements for obligatory covid tests from six- to 14 years.

Travel regulation into the grand duchy have greatly evolved since the onset of the crisis, especially with the system in place. Currently, and people who contracted covid within the space of six months no longer have to show a negative result when entering the grand duchy.

Pending further communication on travel rules, children older than six years entering Luxembourg by air are required to carry out a test, a decision that travel agencies union ULAV and Luxair have jointly appealed to the government to reconsider and work towards harmonising the rules and raising the age limits for mandatory tests to14 years when they are accompanied by parents.

Comparing test obligations for children with other countries like Greece, Portugal and Spain with test requirements set at 12 years old or Sweden’s test requirements set at 18 years, ULAV and Luxair pointed out communication gaps causing “public misunderstanding and seriously complicating the daily lives of travellers and tourism professionals”. This is besides “inflicting additional obligations on children" who are considered to be low-risk, whereas older vaccinated travellers have lesser restrictions.

The union and Luxair described the testing obligation for children as “painful”, serving as a barrier to enjoying the approaching holidays, and especially because access into the grand duchy by train, bus or car, do not require the same measures to be enforced.