Lux Uni part of space research project by higher education alliance

The University of Luxembourg will take part in UNIVERSEH’s research project alongside four other European universities. Photo: Romain Gamba / Maison Moderne

The University of Luxembourg will take part in UNIVERSEH’s research project alongside four other European universities. Photo: Romain Gamba / Maison Moderne

European Space University alliance UNIVERSEH, of which the University of Luxembourg is a member, announced the launch of a research pillar aimed at prompting more collaboration.

During its inaugural conference on 4 October in Toulouse, France, the European Space University for Earth and Humanity (UNIVERSEH) presented its project for the future. “Beyond UNIVERSEH” will be the alliance’s research unit aiming to accelerate collaboration and networking in the field of space research and business. Its purpose will be to connect researchers and stakeholders in order to create a cross-sectorial network.

Beyond UNIVERSEH will also look to develop and propose a research policy roadmap for 2035. It will also create a shared and collaborative virtual single lab and a research community to enhance space research and innovation.

Promoted by the European Commission, UNIVERSEH is an alliance of five higher education institutions including the University of Luxembourg, Université Fédérale Toulouse (France), Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf (Germany), Luleå tekniska universitet (Sweden) and AGH University of Science and Technology (Poland).

The alliance’s conference highlighted the contributions that the universities can provide to enhance skills in the space and new space sectors in Europe. Providing mutual benefits to its stakeholders and the importance of equal access to high-quality education were also discussed.

“UNIVERSEH is in the process of developing an ambitious European programme to support the thriving eco-system of space activities with the dynamic support of governmental and public bodies as well as of commercial players. Space is the ultimate challenge for [humankind], and we are convinced that the UNIVERSEH alliance will provide substantial added value to support the manifold endeavours in this area,” said Philippe Raimbault, chair of the governing board of UNIVERSEH.

The conference also heard contributions from representatives of major actors in the space industry such as CNES, Airbus and Thales as well as the European Space Agency, the European Investment Fund and the European Parliament.