Press release (29.09.2023)

Maison Moderne and L’essentiel publisher partner on international media sales

Paperjam and Delano magazines are published by Maison Moderne. Photo: Maison Moderne

Paperjam and Delano magazines are published by Maison Moderne. Photo: Maison Moderne

The media sales house of L’essentiel will handle international advertising sales for Maison Moderne media brands Paperjam and Delano.

Two Luxembourg press groups join forces to better inform brands, advertisers and media agencies in Belgium and the Netherlands about the benefits of investing in the Luxembourg market.

Emmanuel FleigEmmanuel Fleig, director of Edita SA, emphasizes the importance of this collaboration between two renowned media parties with the same ambitions:

“This collaboration with Maison Moderne is a significant step in the development of our international advertising activities. This partnership between two groups, whose strength and positioning of their media are recognized and appreciated, will offer advertisers new communication opportunities complementary to the media of L'essentiel and will enhance their visibility on the Luxembourg advertising market. We are convinced that this new cooperation will provide real added value for all involved parties.”

Mike KoedingerMike Koedinger, CEO of Maison Moderne, adds:

“The Luxembourg market is unique and is still too often misunderstood by international professionals. Luxembourg has 866,000 people, of which 220,000 cross-border workers cross the border daily to work. It’s a population with a high purchasing power and the business center of a large region with 11.6 million residents. We entrust the commercialization of our brands in Belgium and the Netherlands to Edita, both for digital, print, and live experiences.”

Maison Moderne will present its innovations for 2024 during its MMMediashow 2024 on October 25th, during an event exclusively for professionals.