The new satellite office in Bettembourg-Livange is located next to the A3. Photo: Value Partners

The new satellite office in Bettembourg-Livange is located next to the A3. Photo: Value Partners

Value Partners opened two new satellite offices on Monday 3 April, in Bettembourg-Livange and Doncols, with a capacity of around 30 places.

Satellite offices are growing like mushrooms. Value Partners has just opened two of them, on Monday 3 April. .

The Value Partners offices are located in Bettembourg-Livange, next to the A3, for residents near the French border, and in Doncols, near Bastogne, for those coming from Belgium. They can accommodate a total of 30 people (20 to 25 for the first, depending on the configuration, and 4 to 10 for the second) out of the 130 employees of the company, which specialises in services to private equity and real estate players, banks and multinationals.

Its headquarters in Capellen has 115 seats. However, the satellite offices do not mean that the number of employees is decreasing. On the contrary, about 30 additional people should be able to work there after the expansion work. Value Partners has also had 18 places in its offices in Luxembourg City, near the Glacis, since 2017.

“Reasonable use”

“Between working at the client’s premises, teleworking and holidays, we have enough space for everyone,” the company says. The satellite offices are designed to reduce the travel time of cross-border workers, to offer them more flexibility. How many days a week can they take advantage of this? “We don't have a strict policy. As with teleworking, in order to maintain team cohesion, we ask for reasonable use.”

Employees can book their places online, both at the headquarters and in the satellite offices. “For the time being, it has never happened that an employee has run out of space,” the company said when asked about this. The number of reservations for Tuesday 4 April, the day after the announcement to employees, was not yet available at the time of publication of this article.

“This initiative will strengthen our attractiveness as an employer,” said CEO . Relaxation areas, meeting rooms and parking spaces accessible to soft mobility solutions are included in the satellite offices, the company says.

Satellite offices are part of the strategy of several large companies in the country. (Wemperhardt, Oberpallen, Esch-Belval, Wecker, Mondorf, Pétange, Dudelange), and .

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