Pascal Rapallino: Chairman of the board VSG S.A. Photo: LAFO

Pascal Rapallino: Chairman of the board VSG S.A. Photo: LAFO

Verona Shelters Group proudly announces the worldwide launch of their high-quality line of protective shelters equipment and solutions. Rooted in Swiss precision and Finnish innovation, these shelter solutions represent an evolution in personal and communal safety, answering the global call for improved security in these times of uncertainty.

Behind these innovative solutions, stands Verona Shelters Group (VSG), a corporation formed from the fusion of Swiss and Finnish protective shelter professionals. Their combined expertise is a synthesis of decades of engineering expertise, intuitive understanding of the essence of safety and pragmatic approach in finding optimized solutions to our customer’s needs for resilience. VSG has built shelters for NATO headquarters in several European countries and globally they have over 3500 projects experience ranging from small “bomb shelters” to nuclear power plants. VSG aims to serve not only homeowners and construction companies but also industries, governments, and NGOs seeking dependable safety solutions.

A New Chapter in Protective Shelters

Designed to withstand both natural and man-made threats – from earthquakes and tornadoes to biochemical attacks and EMP disturbances – these shelters are an instrumental element of any resilience plan. The application range starts from private houses and container solutions and extends to shelters with a capacity to protect more than 10,000 persons.

The core of VSG offering is high-performance filtering systems that purify the air inside the shelter and keep inhabitants safe from air-borne hazards, while advanced ventilation mechanisms maintain a comfortable atmosphere. This is built inside a structure which can withstand blast loads and earthquakes – and it should not be forgotten, that due to climate change extreme weather conditions will cause crisis-like situations increasingly often.

The Global Roadmap Ahead

Ilkka Kivisaari, CEO of VSG, articulates the spirit of the adventure ahead: “Combining the technological know-how from shelter-superpowers, Finland and Switzerland, will create something unique for clients globally.”

The protective shelter industry has seen numerous smaller players over the years, what sets VSG apart is the seamless integration of two distinct technological traditions: The Swiss bring their unparalleled precision and craftsmanship, while the Finnish contribute their legacy of robustness against the harshest of elements.

Shaping the Future of Safety

VSG’s approach is to engage in an early phase of a customer’s planning process, to provide a possibility to select the best fitting solutions to match threat scenarios.

Inviting individuals, businesses, and governments to experience the future of safety, Verona Shelters Group is ready to redefine global standards in protective shelters.

“Pascal Rapallino, Chairman of the VSG board, comments: ‘The synergies to be found in R&D & operations are remarkable. By joining forces, we will be able to serve clients globally with more insight and innovation. Also, we will focus on 360 service to our clients, by always finding the optimal solutions to their needs.’

About Verona Shelters Group

Verona Shelter Group was born when Andair AG, Verona Shelters Oy and Suomen Turvakauppa joined their forces. Verona Shelters Group champions the future of protective shelters, by serving markets of civil shelters, industrial protection, as well as authorities and governments. Fusing state-of-the-art technology with a deep understanding of safety, VSG is not just delivering shelter solutions but building a legacy of trust and reliability. VSG’s promise is: ‘We protect. Lives, assets and infrastructure.’

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