Vivatech is set to launch its sixth edition this Wednesday, with more than 2,000 start-ups expected to attend the event at Porte de Versailles. (Photo: Vivatech)

Vivatech is set to launch its sixth edition this Wednesday, with more than 2,000 start-ups expected to attend the event at Porte de Versailles. (Photo: Vivatech)

Luxembourg hosts a pavilion at annual technology conference Salon VivaTech 2022 Paris Expo, dedicated to innovation and startups.

Among the 2,000 start-ups and 3,000 VCs (venture capitalists) expected at the Porte de Versailles, or online for some of the exhibitors, are 10 Luxembourg start-ups. They have made the trip at the initiative of the Luxembourg chamber of commerce and Luxinnovation. Among the Luxembourg participants are: 

- , which facilitates the creation a CV in five minutes from a smartphone or a computer, while also finding a job based on your skills and less on your experience.

- , a social network set for launch this autumn for users committed to changing their behaviour for a greener and fairer world.

- , a proptech that offers 3D modelling.

- , a spin-off from the University of Luxembourg specialising in Earth observation and especially rainfall.

- , a proptech that monitors everything on a building site and thus speeds up the building process by reducing errors and problems. It was one of the 10 finalists in the Luxembourg round of the Start-up World Cup, organised by Pegasus Ventures at EY.

- , another proptech, which solves the thorny problem of managing multiple properties by offering a single platform for discussion and document transmission. It too was a finalist in the .

- , which has taken on the tricky task of recruiting talent in tech.

- , a space tech capable of providing useful data to different sectors.

- , the new fashion platform looking to make phygital shopping trendy.

A gargantuan programme

The organisers of the Paris event have selected six themes:

1. The race to zero net emissions. For example, French company Interstellar Lab, in partnership with Nasa and Cnes, will unveil the world premiere of BioPod, one of the world's most advanced aeroponic greenhouses for deployment on Earth, and on other planets in the future.

Three start-ups that are working towards a more environmentally friendly society will also be present: Urbanomy for carbon strategy, Carbo for valuation and Actéon Farm for compensation. Swiss company Climeworks will present its CO2 collector exclusively in France; Spanish company Bioo will come with its interactive installations that transform the natural organic decomposition of plants into a source of energy; while British startup Pentaform makes computers accessible to all and more responsible for the planet.

2. The mobility rebound. Among the innovations on display are inflatable electric vehicles from Japan's Poimo; bicycles with wheels that capture urban pollution from UK start-up Go Rolloe; and the electrically powered personal Evtol from Norwegian start-up Jetson. Audi will share its "Audi skysphere concept" for the first time in Europe.

3. Future of work. For the second year, VivaTech is relaunching its Jobboard to highlight tech and digital job offers.

4. Inclusion is a state of mind. VivaTech is launching this new section with two priority targets: young people and women. The Girls in Tech programme, co-organised with the WoGiTech collective, is aimed at introducing more than 3,000 schoolgirls to the world of digital technology. For the fourth consecutive year, in partnership with 50inTech, the Female Founder Challenge will take place to facilitate meetings between investors and start-ups and to accelerate the financing of start-ups run by women.

5. Cutting-edge technology: Web3. A Web3 innovation park hosted by Binance will showcase the most advanced start-ups and innovations from the blockchain, crypto and NFT ecosystems. Meta, formerly Facebook, will present its vision of the metaverse. LVMH will present different applications of the metaverse for the luxury world, partly through its new virtual muse whose mission will be to convey the group's message of innovation. And start-up Stage11, which is building the future of entertainment by proposing a new way of experiencing music through a mix of gaming, mixed reality and metaverse technologies, will present its innovations.

6. Europe's digital decade starts here. VivaTech will launch the fourth edition of the Next Unicorn Awards. This award aims to promote the European tech ecosystem by highlighting European scale-ups with high potential.

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