Ahead of this year’s parliamentary elections, the Paperjam+Delano Business Club hosted a debate between seven candidates on 19 September 2023.

Lead candidates in October’s general election faced off over housing, attractiveness and taxes during a debate on Tuesday evening.

Participating in the debate were current prime minister and DP Spëtzenkandidat ; Pirate party MP and list head ; CSV list head ; ADR MP and list head ; current health minister and LSAP Spëtzenkandidatin ; current justice and culture minister and déi Gréng lead candidate ; and déi Lénk Luxembourg City councillor and parliamentary list head .

The candidates addressed questions on how they would solve the housing crisis quickly; how they would keep Luxembourg an attractive and competitive location for international firms and workers, particularly in the financial sector; and questions around tax reform and lowering the amount of weekly working time.

The debate was moderated by Paperjam editor-in-chief and Paperjam political journalist , and took place at PWC’s headquarters in Cloche d’Or. The conversation was in French and has been dubbed into English in the video replay above.