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Where to eat like a local

Bring a health appetite if eating at Mousel’s Cantine, pictured Happy Dayz

Bring a health appetite if eating at Mousel’s Cantine, pictured Happy Dayz

Want to really dive into the Luxembourg experience? Then check out these eateries that serve traditional local fare.

Mousel’s Cantine

There’s only one choice when you head to this authentic restaurant--the crispy Schwéngshax (pork knuckle) with cabbage and sautéed potatoes. Washed down with the unfiltered Clausel “Gezwickelt” speciality beer, this is as good as it gets. Just bring a healthy appetite.

46 montée de Clausen, Luxembourg-Clausen

Brasserie Mousel’s Cantine


The perfect place to get lost in the woods, and even try some reindeer when it’s in season. Firm favourites on the à la carte menu include typical ham, Fritten an Zalot or a very good bouché à la reine. It also has a nice selection of Luxembourg wines and digestifs.

400 rue des Sept-Arpents, Luxembourg-Beggen

Um Dierfgen

This city centre location is a great place to stop off when you’re in town. Enjoy Kniddelen mat Speck (dumplings with bacon) or sauerkraut with all the accompaniments--various sausages and meats and potatoes--or a fine version of Feierstengszalot  (a delicious cold boiled beef salad).

6 Côte d’Eich, Luxembourg-Centre

Beim Zeutzius

Cents famously is the capital city neighbour­hood with the highest proportion of Luxem­bourg residents, and Beim Zeutzius may explain why. The menu includes a range of Kniddelen, Feierstengszalot and a very good Kachkéis schmeir (cooked cheese spread on bread). And they have Clausel beers.

71 rue des Trèves, Luxembourg-Cents

Beim Zeutzius