William Moulin takes over as head of CBRE Luxembourg

William Moulin (left) and Frank Rosenbaum (right) have been preparing this handover for almost a year. (Photo: Blitz)

William Moulin (left) and Frank Rosenbaum (right) have been preparing this handover for almost a year. (Photo: Blitz)

Residential property company CBRE Luxembourg is undergoing a change of leadership with William Moulin set to take over the day-to-day management of the firm as of 15 January.

Frank Rosenbaum, who has been the operational director since 2017, will hand over the day-to-day management of CBRE Luxembourg to William Moulin, who is currently the senior director.

“This succession was planned almost a year ago between Maxime Kumpen--our CEO BeLux--, William and myself”, said Frank Rosenbaum. “William had already taken charge of a large part of our agency's activities, better known in our jargon as 'Advisory and Transaction Services', which includes the Investor Leasing, Occupier and Workspace departments. This appointment is a logical and well-deserved follow-up for him!”

Frank Rosenbaum has helped the company grow from 15 to 35 people specialising in commercial and residential property. He is not leaving the company, but will now focus on business development to further consolidate and anchor CBRE's activities in Luxembourg. “I think there is always a momentum to pass on something in life. We are there! But what I am most excited about is to continue to build on this success for the next few years alongside William and the team. I know that my role will be of great importance to continue to develop our business, to seek out new clients, new ideas and new challenges,” said Rosenbaum.

A succession in continuity

Moulin, 47, joined CBRE in December 2018 and is no stranger to the Luxembourg real estate market, having worked for JLL and Inowai for nearly 10 years.

During the last three years of collaboration, the ties between Moulin and Rosenbaum have become closer, collaborating more and more often. “We have a lot in common with Frank and it is with great ease that we have come to share our vision and plans for CBRE Luxembourg,” said Moulin.

“Over time, Frank consulted me more regularly in his choices, and without agreeing every time, we realised that we were very complementary and always favoured exchange through a common vision. Frank's project has always been centred on people, and it was therefore natural that I immediately found myself in his ambitions, because, in my opinion, the quality of a company lies above all in the quality of its employees," adds the future head of CBRE.

In practical terms, the two men will continue to work closely together, each focusing on their own specific areas. "Our objectives remain intact, but our business is constantly changing, so we needed an organisation that better responds to the new challenges, and above all to the project that Frank, myself and all of our colleagues are driven by every day: that of delivering the best service to our clients,” concludes Moulin.

This story was first published in French on Paperjam. It has been translated and edited for Delano.