Xavier Bettel has expressed his interest in remaining Prime Minister of Luxembourg after next year's elections. (Photo: Anthony Dehez/Archives)

Xavier Bettel has expressed his interest in remaining Prime Minister of Luxembourg after next year's elections. (Photo: Anthony Dehez/Archives)

In last Saturday’s RTL programme Background, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel (DP) confirmed his intention to approach the next elections with the aim of remaining head of government or at least minister in the next governing coalition.

, Prime Minister (DP) confirmed his assessment on the RTL programme Background. In particular, he stated that he wanted to approach the next elections, which will take place in a year’s time, with the ambition of remaining Prime Minister or at least a minister in the next government, with the agreement of his party.

Xavier Bettel therefore wishes to continue to invest himself in the country’s national politics. To do so, he does not exclude counting on a new coalition, even if it will be "up to the voters to decide", he said.

The Prime Minister also looked back on the last two years at the head of a government that had to manage the health crisis and then the energy crisis and the rise in inflation in a geopolitical context marked by Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

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He recalled that his government has put on the table . Terming it as a "necessary" investment, Bettel said that he would have preferred to invest differently, in a scenario without the outbreak of the covid-19 virus.

At the same time, Bettel explained that, with the help of his government, he had succeeded in moving Luxembourg forward in its climate transition by doubling investments in the environmental sector to around €1.3bn.

Finally, the Prime Minister assured that he was in favour offairer taxation, while explaining that he had neither the space nor the necessary margin to initiate a reform before the end of his mandate. This reform was, however, announced in the government agreement. Bettel also justified the need to keep the national debt below 30% of GDP. Without making it an obsession, the Prime Minister assures that going above this threshold would be an irresponsible policy.

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