A comprehensive website for your administrative matters Photo: Shutterstock

A comprehensive website for your administrative matters Photo: Shutterstock

Guichet.lu is an online portal established in 2008 by the Luxembourg government to provide a user-friendly access to comprehensive information to residents, businesses and visitors.

What is it?

Guichet.lu simplified administrative processes, and enhanced accessibility and transparency for 13,761 unique visitors, on average, per day in 2022. It serves as a one-stop platform for accessing various public services, offering information, forms and assistance in four languages. It is also a source of official announcements and news.

What can you do?

Guichet.lu provides information on topics such as healthcare, taxation, employment, education, housing and legal matters. MyGuichet.lu, the twin portal, streamlines administrative procedures, reduces paperwork and facilitates interactions with government agencies where the users can apply online to get permits, legal documents or to register a business.

What can you find out?

Additionally, the portal offers guidance on rights, obligations and procedures, helping users navigate Luxembourg’s administrative system.