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21.04 - 27.04 2021

See Josh Island


Singer-songwriter Josh Island plays opderschmelz this weekend ahead of the 7 May release of his second EP, Love Don’t Come Easy.

Malls/shopping centres

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Shopping destinations.

Picture credit: Luxembourg for Tourism

Auchan Differdange

Where: 37 rue Emile Mark
 L-4620 Differdange

Phone: 43 77 43 1

Website: www.auchan.lu

Auchan Shopping Center Kirchberg

Auchan Kirchberg is a large shopping mall with numerous restaurants, shops and a large supermarket. The wide selection of products tends 
to draw in large crowds, 
so it’s best to go earlier 
in the morning. 

Where: 5 rue Alphonse Weicker 
L-2721 Luxembourg

Phone: 43 77 43 1

Website: galerieauchankirchberg.lu

Belval Plaza Shopping Center

Where: 7 avenue du Rock’n’Roll
 L-4361 Esch-sur-Alzette

Phone: 26 17 51 79

Website: www.belvalshopping.lu

Centre Espace Beggen

Where: 233-241 rue de Beggen 
L-1221 Luxembourg

Phone: 26 30 53 04

Website: www.espace.lu

City Concorde

At City Concorde, shoppers can find dozens of clothing stores and shoe stores, 13 different restaurants and cafés and a large Cora supermarket for groceries.

Where: 80 route de Longwy
 L-8060 Bertrange

Phone: 44 93 99 1

Website: www.concorde.lu

Knauf Shopping Center Pommerloch

This shopping mall in Pommerloch has two floors filled with stores of all sorts, numerous places to eat and a large Delhaize grocery market. 

Where: 19 route de Bastogne
 L-9638 Pommerloch

Phone: 26 95 26

Website: www.knaufshopping.lu

La Belle Étoile

La Belle Étoile is somewhere people can easily do all of their shopping in one trip. It has 
a large Cactus grocery store, 
a food court, fashion stores 
and many other shops. 

Where: Route d’Arlon 
L-8050 Bertrange

Phone: 28 28 90 02

Website: www.belle-etoile.lu

Laangwiss 1+2

Where: 7 rue Nicolas Glesener
 L-6131 Junglinster

Phone: 78 95 11 622

Website: www.langwies.lu

Massen Shopping Center

Where: 24 op der Haart
 L-9999 Wemperhaardt

Phone: 26 90 1

Website: www.massen.lu

Nonnemillen Shopping Center

Where: 117-121 route 
de Luxembourg
 L-6562 Echternach

Phone: 26 72 04 41

Website: www.nonnemillen-center.lu

Pall Center Shopping Village

Where: 2 Arelerstrooss 
L-8552 Oberpallen

Phone: 23 64 41

Website: www.pallcenter.lu


Where: Rue de Colmar-Berg
 L-7525 Mersch

Phone: 32 55 20

Website: www.topaze.lu

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