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Moving your pet

Expat Guide Settling in

How to bring your companions with you.

Pictured: Anna Deltell with Asia, at Luxembourg’s International Dog Show in August 2015. Image credit: LaLa La Photo

General information

To bring animals into Luxembourg, owners must follow a set of regulations.

All dogs in Luxembourg must be implanted with a microchip; puppies must be chipped within four months of birth. This identification must be performed by a licenced veterinarian. For other pets, such as cats and ferrets, electronic identification is mandatory for any trip within the EU; however, if the animal was tattooed before 3 July 2011 under the previous system and the tattoo is still legible, then the chip is not required. Rabies vaccination 
is compulsory for all dogs in Luxembourg. A European passport, which must accompany the animal while travelling, is issued at the same time the electronic identification is implanted.

For other carnivores, like cats and ferrets, rabies vaccination is mandatory for any animal accompanying a person travelling. To import pets from third countries into the EU, the same conditions for dogs, cats and ferrets apply for microchips and rabies vaccination. Owners should also provide a serum titration of anti-rabies antibodies performed on a blood sample taken at least 30 days after vaccination in an approved laboratory. Finally, the pet owner should provide an original health certificate issued by a licenced veterinarian of the country of origin. This certificate must be accompanied by proof of vaccination against rabies.

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