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21.04 - 27.04 2021

See Josh Island


Singer-songwriter Josh Island plays opderschmelz this weekend ahead of the 7 May release of his second EP, Love Don’t Come Easy.

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Internet property listings.

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Renting in Luxembourg

It is no secret that Luxembourg’s real estate is expensive, and for many, buying is not an option. In order to rent a property, some requirements are imposed such as a proof of identity, income, a bank account and civil liability insurance. Usually, the rental deposit is two to three months rent; by law, it cannot exceed three months. Most agencies also charge a finder’s fee of one month’s rent plus 17% VAT. The tenant will be given the keys to the property after an inventory check with the agent or owner. Unless stated otherwise on the contract, a three-month notice period is mandatory before moving out.


This is the biggest and most used real estate portal in Luxembourg. The firm also features real estate listings in France, Belgium and Germany and provides information on real estate agencies. The website includes a blog  sharing tips, price data, and information on decoration 
and real estate.

Website: www.athome.lu


This platform proposes all kinds of small ads, but its real estate category lists thousands of posts.

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.bazar.lu

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