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10.09 - 17.09 2019

Win Delano Live passes


The next Delano Live event looks at what it takes to run a wine shop. We have passes to give away to this invite-only soirée. 

Useful websites

Expat Guide Settling in

Handy resources to find further information. 

Screengrab of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg’s official portal


The official portal of the government lists information about cabinet members, ministries, departments and government news announcements (mostly in French, with some English, German and Luxembourgish).

Website: www.gouvernement.lu


This portal is separated into a “Citizens” category regrouping information on taxation, employment, citizenship, immigration, and more; and a “Business” category with information on topics such as starting up and development, human resources and international trade. Available in English, French and German.

Website: www.guichet.public.lu


The official portal of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg provides general information and information on tourism, living, investing, studying and working in Luxembourg. Good starting reference for many cultural and practical questions.

Website: www.luxembourg.public.lu


Dedicated to transportation in Luxembourg this site provides users with information, schedules and networks, and an itinerary finder. In French.

Website: www.mobiliteit.lu


Launched by the ministry of health, this site contains all the information you should require related to health in Luxembourg.

Website: www.sante.public.lu


Supermiro is a platform that lists local events in real time.

Website: www.supermiro.com

Paperjam Guide

Authoritative B2B directory, with listings in English, French and German. Published by the same firm as Delano.

Website: www.guide.paperjam.lu

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