10 things to do this week

16.06 - 22.06 2021

Enter cooking competition


The cook-off organised by the City of Luxembourg is a subtle reminder that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade… well maybe this time something more special to celebrate National day followin...

Leisure time

Expat Guide

There are simply too many choices on how to spend your free time; we couldn’t list them all in this guide. But here are a few ways to make the most of your evenings and weekends.

Cartoon: @juliadebres

How to manage your repatriation phase successfully?

Insights Expat Corner 26.09.2019
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Returning home is a key troublesome moment for a lot of expats. Adapting to former surroundings after having been away for a long time is sometimes a difficult experience. Close friends or family members may have moved away, and those who remain may have established relationships with others in the community and be more distant. As a result, the returning expatriate and family can feel isolated. In addition, reverse shock culture often sets in, and the impact may be greater than that of adjusting to the host country culture. How can you avoid this uncomfortable situation? Here are some tips. 

What makes the ING Night Marathon Luxembourg so unique?

Insights Expat Corner 29.05.2019
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The ING Night Marathon Luxembourg is back on Saturday 1 June 2019! More than 16,000 runners, in all disciplines[1], are expected to take part in the 14th edition. Since it started in 2006, this annual sports event has been growing in popularity. Every year, it is sold out. Why this marathon provokes so much passion among spectators and runners?

Wandering in the Luxembourgish woods

Insights Expat Corner 16.05.2019
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With the approach of summer months, sunny weather will soon be back. It is an excellent opportunity to discover the heart of the Luxembourgish nature. Did you know that more than a third of the country is surrounded by vast open plains, towering mountains and parks which are home to dense forests? 

Biking in Luxembourg

Insights Expat Corner 05.03.2019
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Now that the spring is close, why no riding a bike? It is one of the easiest transport solutions. For distances under 6 km, bicycles are more efficient than cars. And for longer distances, combining biking with public transport is the best alternative to driving. But what is the state of cycling in the Grand Duchy? What are the resources put in place to make bicycles easier to use?

Winter sales in the Greater Region: what you need to know

Insights Expat Corner 08.01.2019
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Great news for the bargain hunters! The winter sales are back in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. But where and when to go? Do start the winter sales at the same time in Belgium, France, Germany and the Grand Duchy? And what to do if the products you have purchased shows a lack of conformity?

How to get into the Christmas spirit in Luxembourg?

Insights Expat Corner 11.12.2018
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Christmas is around the corner. It is time to light the fires, to turn on to the Christmas music and enjoy Christmas festivities and markets that flourish in many cities of the Grand Duchy this month. It is also time to act, share and care by joining ING’s social media action: #INGXmasMoments!

The expat holiday dilemma: where to spend vacation?

Brand Voice Expat Corner 31.07.2018
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Summer is here and it can be a fantastic time of year for families around the world. With the kids off school, the focus quickly turns towards the annual summer break and the latest must-go holiday destination. But when you live abroad, the concept of holidays changes, often becomes a dilemma and sometimes turns into a… non-holiday!

Seek and you shall find

News 12.07.2018

On 1 June 2018, the Schwaarzt Haus temporary gallery opened. The exhibition space had been reclaimed by artists Joel Rollinger and Linda Blaise and featured the innovative works of over 50 artists.

Finding harrrmony

News 12.07.2018

Neil Johnson has been busy lately: in addition to working his normal day job, he spends at least three evenings a week and one weekend session at rehearsals with Pirate Productions, a group which has staged English musical theatre productions for nearly 40 years.

An expat with good taste

News 12.07.2018

Valentina Quaranta’s philosophy of food is evident in her blog’s recipe for chickpea soup with nori: at once seemingly Italian, the addition of the edible seaweed--usually used in sushi--shows her experimental flair, her curiosity for international foods.

Volunteering for success

News 12.07.2018

Gráinne Corr arrived in Luxembourg 25 years ago: she had been on her way back to Vancouver, where she had been living, and stopped to visit a friend in the grand duchy.