Workshop - Family-friendly

Saturday 13.11.2021

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Watch Aikido demonstrations

Aikido – martial art and self-defense demonstration  Aikido FLAM

Aikido – martial art and self-defense demonstration Aikido FLAM

The Aikido demonstration and workshop is free of charge to all participants, however it is strongly advised to register and come in comfortable clothing.

Aikido-- a Japanese term  meaning “way of harmonizing energy”--is a martial art and self-defense system that aims to use an attacker's strength and momentum against him or her, as defined in encyclopaedia Britannica. The aim of the martial art technique is, however,  intended as a countermeasure to defend oneself’s without inflicting  excessive pain on the attacker.

The CovidCheck event is organised by the Embassy of Japan in collaboration with the Aikido FLAM (Fédération Luxembourgeoise des Arts Martiaux). The event will unravel Aikido’s history and practices, and will be followed by a demonstration by professionals in Luxembourg.  Afterwards, separate workshops for adults and children will dive into the age long fighting technique. Registration is mandatory.

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