‘Different’ type of Schueberfouer could possibly be held: Polfer


If the annual Schueberfouer is held this summer, it will look different than previous editions, according to Lydie Polfer, mayor of Luxembourg City. Library picture: Lydie Polfer is seen at the Schueberfouer in 2019. Photo credit: Nader Ghavami 

Holding the 2021 edition of the Schueberfouer has not yet been confirmed. But the event has not been officially cancelled either. According to Lydie Polfer, Luxembourg City mayor (DP), officials are working on different scenarios. 

Will there be a Schueberfouer this year? The question was logically raised during a press conference at Luxembourg City Hall on Wednesday. Good news: Polfer did not cancel the annual funfair. Bad news: it has not yet been confirmed.

Polfer told journalists to see the bottle half full, rather than half empty. “Current measures run until 12 June; afterwards there will be another step in the life of our society.” She hoped that gatherings will be possible. In the meantime, city officials are working “on different models”.

The ideal would be to see an event take place on the Glacis. Polfer was asked about funfair rides, how many and which ones, and about food and drink being served. It is too early to say, she said. But if the Schueberfouer is held, it will be “based on a different template from what we have seen” previously.

Last year, smaller neighbourhood fairs were set up in several different locations across the capital, which was warmly received by many residents. Fairground operators, on the other hand, have been aiming for something larger and set 1 July as the date for a final decision. That leaves some margin for epidemic numbers to fall and still have enough time to organise the fairground.

Originally published in French by Paperjam and translated for Delano