Finally, Lux launches own emojis



Fancy e Patt vu Béier? Maybe you want to discuss the weather in Luxembourg? You can express all this and more with a single emoji thanks to 120 new pictograms released to promote Luxembourg.

The Emoxies, as they are referred to, were launched by the Inspiring Luxembourg committee as part of the nation branding strategy.

“Each Emoxie tells a story of the Grand Duchy and can therefore be used to present the country in a fun way,” the government said in a press release on Thursday.

Among the static pictogrammes and gifs can be found favourite emblems such as the Golden Lady statue, Melusina mermaid and fox or “renert”, who was immortalised in the works of Luxembourg author Michel Rodange.

Users will also find Luxembourg expressions such as “Moien” (hello), “Addi” and “Tipp Topp” (great) as well as tongue-in-cheek emojis such as the weather, featuring a rain cloud with lightning, and a steaming Gromperekichelchen (potato pancake). All images are set on the blue and red cross, an icon which was devised as part of the nation branding strategy.

Launched one day ahead of the national day eve celebrations, people can access the Emoxies by downloading the free app on iOS and Android platforms. The pictograms can also be downloaded via the website

The nation branding process has seen Luxembourg come up with its own signature “Luxembourg, Let's make it happen” and a heartwarming promotional video from the creator of the Oscar-winning film “Mr Hublot”, Laurent Witz.