Auchan & Delhaize pay covid-19 bonuses


Dirk Kirschvink, country director at Delhaize (pictured), said the company has rewarded staff for helping keep its supermarkets running since the beginning of the covid-19 outbreak. Photo: Delhaize 

Two other supermarket chains have joined Cactus in granting exceptional bonuses to staff as a reward for their efforts during the coronavirus crisis.

Auchan said that it has paid cashiers and other personnel at its Luxembourg supermarkets the full bonus amounts that it promised back in March.

The chain had reportedly paid prorated bonuses to its staff in France that were as little as €50. But that was not the case in Luxembourg, the firm said.

“We have awarded a bonus of €1,000 net of social security contributions to our employees [in Luxembourg],” the company told Paperjam on Monday evening.

A representative stated:

“Our desire is to reward the work of collaborators [who were] present and mobilised, who are enabling the continuity of our activities in the difficult conditions that we have experienced since 15 March....


“This bonus is only prorated for work contracts of less than 20 hours per week. Knowing that we do not have contracts of less than 20 hours [a week] for our cashiers, we can say that all of them could receive the full amount of the bonus, that is €1,000, if they were present during the period of 15 March to 18 April.”

The full bonus was likewise granted if employees were absent “for legitimate reasons”.


Dirk Kirschvink, head of Delhaize in Luxembourg, said the supermarket chain has rewarded its workforce with a combination of paid leave, extra discounts and gift certificates.

Kirschvink told Paperjam last week:

“First, we decided, with employees and union representatives, to grant them five additional vacation days, so they can recover. With an average monthly salary of €2,500 to €3,000, I will let you calculate the value that can represent, but above all, it is important that they can rest and enjoy time with their family. Then, we increased the ceiling on their employee reduction to 25%, from which they can benefit up to €400. Finally, we distributed vouchers worth €150.”

The benefits were given to 600 Delhaize employees in the grand duchy.

Reported by Thierry Labro; edited by Aaron Grunwald