Duncan Roberts and Simon Claridge in the Ara City Radio studios Maison Moderne

Duncan Roberts and Simon Claridge in the Ara City Radio studios Maison Moderne

Ara City Radio’s Monday morning slot featured Simon Claridge and Duncan Roberts talking all things COP27 as the UN Climate Change Conference gets underway in Sharm el-Sheik.

Standing in for regular presenter Tom Clarke, newsreader Simon Claridge welcomed Duncan Roberts into the studio on Monday morning for the regular Delano’s Top of the Week slot on the Ara City Radio breakfast show.

Their conversation focused on COP27, which in Egypt on Sunday. Will more concrete action be taken to meet the target of a 1.5 degrees rise in temperatures, can leaders agree to up their game and finally deliver on a pledge to commit $100bn a year to fighting climate change? Many countries are failing to meet their fair share, while some, like Switzerland and Norway, have tripled their contribution.

Luxembourg allocated €200m to ICF funding over the 2021-2025 period. That represents an increase of €80m compared to 2014-2020.   

Simon and Duncan remained rather sceptical, given the current energy crisis and the short-term solutions many governments are taking to tackle that, measures that in many cases go against the previous drive to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

All eyes will be on the likes of US president Joe Biden as government leaders, including Luxembourg prime minister Xavier Bettel, meet on Monday and Tuesday. Many will be looking for western leaders to push forward so-called Just Energy Transition Partnerships, which aim to fast-track the decarbonisation of developing economies, but also transform agriculture, transport, heavy industry and construction to be more green and sustainable.

Tips for the week

As usual, the Top of the Week slot also provides listeners with some “what’s on” tips for the coming week. This week Duncan picked the screening at the Cinémathèque of documentary , , the first English-language production at the Théâtre de Centaure, and of course, next weekend’s .

Duncan’s music pick for this week was Stoned by singer-songwriter Tomberlin.

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